Friday, September 19, 2008

Update on the house

We were informed this last week that we are going to get the property we originally were going to get. This is exciting as the property is much bigger and we just love it. This is the property in the posted pics. Anyway, our contractor is in Alaska this week so we won't have a ground breaking date until Monday or Tuesday. This doesn't mean it will be this week that we break ground but hopefully soon.

The kids are all doing well. Ethan is doing so well in his Christian school. There are 36 students in the entire school ( K- 8th grade). This is a great thing for Ethan. Trinity is in Head Start this year, she doesn't even kiss me bye. She just goes off into class and is done with me. After her first day I asked her if she made any friends and she said "No, no I made lots of friends!" This was the coolest thing. She rides a little bus home every day and loves it! " The girl on the bus loves my earrings, I really like her." She is too funny. Penelope comes home after taking the other 2 to school and crashes. We really don't have any one-on-one time. Maybe she will get used to it.

Keep praying for us, we are praying for you.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

pictures of the kids.

Penelope is almost 2! Ethan's first day of school.

What is going on with the house?

Wow! I finally added a couple of pictures!

Okay, I am sure everyone is anxious to hear what is going on with our house. We are too actually. The spring family, who began their home this past spring, are now getting divorced. It is very sad but has left us waiting in the wings. We are supposed to hear this week whether or not we are going to be offered this house. We have already decided that we don't want it. The property looks right at the apartments we live in now, it floods every spring and the property is less than half the size of the one in the pictures. So we are waiting. As soon as we hear we will let you know. Thank you for praying for us, keep it up.

Our Property!

Our Property!
Still clearing...

Our Property!

Our Property!
Fromt the back of the property