Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bummer news...

We heard from our project manager yesterday that our cabinets are not coming in until the 14th of August. We were supposed to be moving in by the 20th of August. But since they are late it pushes back the plumbing and the last of the electrical. We are now looking at the second week of September to move in. This may be okay as Ethan and Trinity will both be in school. I am really disappointed that after all of our hard work and Garrett's sleepless days we are still going to be a month behind. What can you do? Anyway, please keep praying and I will post new pictures soon!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Painted and floors are almost complete!!!

The girls room. It's purpleish, Trinity's new color!
Ethan's bedroom.

This is our kitchen and dining room! (Cabinets will be here 7/28)
We are looking at a closing date of Aug. 20th! I can't wait! Will keep everyone uppdated and will add more pictures over the next two weeks. the cabinets and the bathroom will be complete during that time. Love you all, thanks for the prayers!

Our Property!

Our Property!
Still clearing...

Our Property!

Our Property!
Fromt the back of the property